Some Helpful Tips for Storing Baby Formula

When you strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations of formula storage, you’ll ensure normal digestion and well-being for a baby. It is recommended to store the formula in a dry, cool place and never use it after the expiration date. Moreover, it is important to know not only how long it can be stored, but also in what container it is better to keep it. 

How to store infant formula

The shelf life of infant feeding is indicated on the package, however, after its opening, these dates can no longer be guided. HiPP baby formula usually comes in two forms: cans or cardboard boxes with foil bag enclosures and once it is opened it is usually stored at a temperature of 14-24°C. The point is that nutrients contacting air, tend to disintegrate, which means that the longer an open formula is stored, the lower its vitamin value. 

It could be extremely wasteful if you are using formula as an extra feeding. Unfortunately, baby formula is not currently sold in portioned bags or in very small quantities. Therefore, the remaining dry powder can be used for other purposes, for example, in baking. The ready-to-use formula can be stored only for a few hours because, in a warm environment, bacteria begin to actively multiply and it becomes unusable soon. For the same reason, you cannot store infant milk if a baby has not finished it. The most popular brands recommend the following time of storing open cans:

  • Nutrilon guarantees the quality of its products within 3-4 weeks after opening a package. The ready-to-use formula should be used within 1 hour.
  • Similac can be stored 2.5 weeks after opening the package without a refrigerator, with a humidity of 70%.
  • HiPP German is needed to be used within 3 weeks after opening.

Can a formula be stored in a refrigerator?

Some baby food such as purees, juices, etc. can be stored in the fridge. On Organic’s Best you’ll find different snacks and feeding suitable for 3 years old. Even if this kind of food can be stored in the refrigerator, this doesn’t work for formula because it becomes damp quickly. The main enemy of all powder formulas is moisture, therefore always take a portion for dilution with a dry spoon. 

Feeding outside 

To prepare a formula while on a walk (during a trip), you need to take with:

  • a thermos with boiled water
  • a sterile bottle 
  • dry powder in a sealed bag

It is not necessary to prepare in advance, just immediately before feeding. However, modern baby feeding bottles protect the nipple from germs it is better to rinse it with boiling water before feeding a baby. To keep the formula warm for as long as possible, the bottle is wrapped in several layers of foil or parchment. A thermal bag is also helpful but it is undesirable to use these methods frequently because a child needs fresh food.

How to warm formula

The ready-made formula for feeding must be poured into a sterile bottle. It should be held in a container with hot water for 10-15 minutes. Subsequent sterilization of the product is not required, otherwise, it will lose all the beneficial nutrients. Microwaves are not considered a good way to reheat babies’ food. Some of the amino acids that are present in infant milk are quickly destroyed by electromagnetic radiation and the resulting compounds are toxic to immature organisms.

To sum up,  you must store formula in a dry place at room temperature, away from other products and household chemicals. If it is stored properly, the closed package can be stored for a year and a half without losing its useful properties. You need to mix it with water just before feeding. In exceptional cases, you can store the diluted formula at room temperature for about an hour.

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