What Is Sansure IPonatic?

Almost all scientific tests involve the use of lab equipment that can be costly and time-consuming to purchase. This is especially true for DNA testing since contamination from bacteria or other samples can cause false results. Now, Sansure iPonatic has been developed to create a cost-effective solution for genotyping tests.

Introduction of Sansure iPonatic

The Sansure iPonatic (Portable Molecular Workstation) aims to subvert the traditional diagnosis model and bring precision medicine to thousands of households. It can provide a fast and convenient diagnosis experience for clinical emergencies, health management, military security, biological emergencies, and other applications.

How does the Sansure iPonatic work?

The device is simple to operate, requires no manual intervention in the whole process, and can inject samples and produce results at any time. Multi-machine interconnection can meet the needs of multi-sample detection, and accurately detect infectious pathogens such as COVID-19, monkeypox, respiratory tract, HPV, and hepatitis.

Pros of Sansure iPonatic

  1. Fast detection speed: the sample is in, the result is out, and the detection result is output quickly.
  2. Easy to use: Very simple manual operation steps, easy to use.
  3. Easy to use: It integrates nucleic acid extraction, and PCR amplification, results in interpretation, and report printing, and is easy to operate.
  4. Intelligent analysis: intelligent voice prompts, the results are automatically analyzed.


Sansure iPonatic is a whole new way of innovation. Sansure iPonatic has been certified by the US FDA, which is another affirmation of the company’s high-quality products. Focusing on various features, Sansure can provide you with various advantages.

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