Several Tips may Sound Fishy, but The Results Are Jaw-Dropping. One Will Surely Love After Try for Once and Won’t Reveal the Secret

Maintain a proper body isn’t easy. A proper body means everything about your body will be perfect, starting from hair, face, skin, body size, to toes. There are different products, home remedies for different parts of our body. There are many serums, sheet masks, creams for clear skin. Then you will find a lot of different shampoos, conditioners for shiny and silky hair.

Even though you will see people using many expensive products or going to parlor for different purposes, they don’t have the perfect body they wish for. The most interesting thing is that many people don’t use expensive products or procedures, yet they have perfect hair, skin, nails, etc., because this kind of people is more into strange body care tips. Even though not all the tips work, yet many tips or methods are quite weird. But these tips work like a charm.

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  1. Using The Korean Beauty Tip Makes Skin Look Better

Nowadays, there is a trendy Korean beauty tip after completing your makeup. You have to dunk your head into a large bowl of cold water. If you do this, your makeup will remain in place, and you will have a complete matt look. Before immersing your head in cold water, apply talcum powder on top of your makeup. You must keep your head in cold water for at least 30seconds. Coldwater also keeps your skin strong as well as radiant.

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  1. Prepare a Good Bath Using Vinegar And Water

In hot weather, foot odor is a really common problem. Foot odor is a sign of bacteria and foot fungi. Commonly foot fungi grow in wet and moist environments. In a bucket, take 1 part vinegar, two parts water solution. Then dip your feet in that solution for  20 minutes to get rid of the odor completely. This method will remove all the bacteria behind the odor. You should repeat the method once a day for effective results. However, make sure your feet don’t have any cuts or wounds, as vinegar isn’t good for cuts or wounds.

  1. To Fix Self-Tanning Errors Use Baking Soda and Water Exfoliator.

To avoid any self-tanning errors or to fix any errors, use baking soda, it can help with streaks and irregularities after self-tanning, and you won’t face any skin irritation.

  1. Use Flaxseed Hair Moisturizer and Gel

Having a bad hair day is normal. Using flaxseed hair moisturizer and gel makes your hair look good and shiny. Also, it helps to keep your scalp moistured. Flaxseed contains a high level of nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and magnesium. As a result, it reduces the dryness of hair.

  1. Drink Fresh Ginger Tea After Working Out.

To get relief from soreness, drink fresh ginger tea. It will reduce muscle pain caused due to working out.

  1. Use Deodorants to Reduce Mosquito Bites

A roll-on deodorant contains aluminum chloride, which reduces the swelling and itchiness of a mosquito bite.

Everyone is beautiful in their ways. And having scars or unclear skin doesn’t matter. However, self-care is important.



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