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Bored of Harvesting Organic Instagram Followers? Try These Simple Methods and Don’t Skip

Instagram is revolutionary in how it can build up businesses and real careers. It’s the best platform for making an impression on people as its interface is designed simply for that purpose. If you want to connect to people and broadcast your creations, Instagram is where you should go.

You start with making a profile. People who want to find you will search using your username. You want to make it easy for them to find you, so make sure your username is not hard to remember or type.

Your bio should sum up your profile because this will help Instagram recommend your profile to people when they search for the kind of content you’re offering. Include keywords like “digital artist,” “fashion photography,” or “puppy pictures,” and this will help match searches to you.

Hashtags are like markers on your posts that help people find what they’re looking for. Upon inputting a keyword search, people are directed to posts containing those words in the tag section. So, make sure to use lots of hashtags that apply to your post. Don’t be overly general in your choice of tags. Tags like #food, #clothes, #family will get lost in a huge collection of the same tags, and your post will have too much competition. More specific tags like #Sundaybreakfast, #comfywear, and #familytime will stand out more.

The more representative your hashtags are of your niche, the more relevant people you’ll attract – relevant because they’ll be more likely to care about your content.

Instagram is photo and video-centric. The first thing people will see when they find you are your image records.

Photography and videography can tell a story. Good businesses use visual imagery to establish what kind of content and product they bring to the market. Have a concept of what you want your profile to express about you or your company and stick to it. Ask – what do you offer, and what do you want people to think of you?

Consistent style is extremely important. People will follow you when they like your style/content and expect you to deliver the same quality in the future. Your timeline needs to seem cohesive and be regularly updated to build their expectations of you. No one’s coming back for scattered ideas and aesthetics.

Lastly, if you want people to reach you, you need to reach out first. Instagram pods are small communities of people who provide similar content and support each other by tagging and driving traffic to each other’s profiles. Find like-minded influencers and form a pod. You can even reach out to more established influencers and pay them to post about you or tag you to reach a wider audience.

If you’ve got a company, definitely sponsor influencers to talk about your products and tag you. Consider giveaways because that’ll ensure people post about you and help spread the word.

It’s much more important to have an active, interesting fanbase than it is to have a large number of uncaring followers. Know that Instagram will cancel your account if you buy bots to follow you. Bots aren’t even worth it because they’re mostly inactive and don’t engage. Focus on getting loyal followers who care instead. Be patient, and with time, you’ll connect to thousands.


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