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How to Run a YouTube Contest?

You could be doing a lot in the YouTube marketing strategy, with the aim to increase the number of free subscribers, YouTube views, and likes, in addition to boosting your business’s growth. One method to accomplish this objective is to hold YouTube contests.

On YouTube users can enter contests through a variety of methods:

  • You can leave a comment on your video. Leave a comment on your
  • Vote on the uploaded video content
  • In posting a video that showcases your company’s products or services
  • In becoming YouTube subscribers to your YouTube channel.

How do you organize an effective YouTube contest in the correct method?

Set Goals

You can make use of YouTube contests to achieve various objectives, and you’ll need to know exactly the goal you’re trying to achieve. Set specific goals. Make clear the goals you wish to accomplish:

  • Plus, YouTube views, comments, and likes
  • More YouTube subscribers
  • Conversions and sales increase
  • More traffic to websites

The goals should be quantifiable to ensure you can monitor important performance indicators. It is possible to gauge the success of your contest through YouTube Analytics as well as tools for contest reporting as well as Google Analytics.

While you must aim for the top but it is important to set realistic goals. Be real about the goals you wish to accomplish. Also, you must ensure that your contest is pertinent to the people who will be participating and set the timeframe to determine how long you’ll be hosting your contest.

Be sure to adhere to YouTube contest guidelines and rules.

It’s crucial to adhere to YouTube’s contest rules and guidelines that apply to your platform. There are general rules along with the official rules of contests for YouTube that you can locate here.

Particularly, it’s crucial to be aware of the following points:

  • Use YouTube’s community guidelines as well as the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  • Do not violate copyrights or user rights.
  • The contest you are entering must be open to all who wish to participate.
  • It is imperative to clearly state that the contest isn’t or sponsored by YouTube.
  • Modification of YouTube metrics such as the amount of YouTube subscribers, likes, YouTube views and comments is not permitted.
  • You must include a privacy policy which clearly states what you will use the personal data obtained in the contest.

In addition to the general rules and official rules for contests You must also be aware of the following:

  • YouTube False Engagement Policy: According to this policy, you aren’t allowed to use content that connects to third parties that artificially boost the channel’s metrics.
  • YouTube Developer Policy: The policy applies in the event that you’re using a third company app to promote your business. In accordance with this policy, API clients aren’t allowed to offer rewards in any form, in direct or indirect ways, to the users in exchange for their engagement using YouTube apps.

Also, you must be sure to follow the local laws when you run the YouTube contest.

Select a prize worth the money

You must decide on the prize you’ll give prizes for your contest carefully. This should be something your viewers will value and that will encourage more participation. It must reflect your brand’s image and precise enough you can be sure it’s inviting submissions from people who could become genuine YouTube subscribers. Offering money in exchange for a prize can be thrilling for everyone who stumbles across your content even if they’ve never been exposed to your brand prior to. Select a prize particular enough to attract participants who are truly fascinated by your specific area of expertise. This makes lead generation more effective and will help you establish lasting relationships with your customers after the contest has ended.

Decide on the type of contest to be entered.

Contests can be of various kinds, and you have to choose the kind of contest to use in relation to what your objective is. You must decide on which participants will participate in to your YouTube contest. Participants can join your contest in a variety of ways. We’ve covered the various methods of entering at the start the article. You must decide what you would like your participants to complete and set clearly defined rules for entry into contests.

You could even join forces with another brand, or even collaborate on a contest. This will allow an access to greater number of YouTube subscribers and allow you to increase the number of YouTube views to your content. Combining prizes can enhance the overall impact of your contest, thereby encouraging more people to take part.

It is essential to ensure that you are clear in the rules of your contest. Your contest participants should be aware of:

  • Who can be eligible to take part in the contest?
  • The length of their videos must be in accordance with the requirements.
  • Per person
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a local or international competition
  • What criteria will be used to select winners and then announced
  • It’s also important to make clear any sponsorships you have in your contest.
  • Choose the location where you will run your contest.

You could run the contest through YouTube in itself, where you can invite entries from people who have to follow the steps, or you could host the contest on your own website. The second option offers many advantages:

  • Visitors can be directed to your online store
  • Increase traffic
  • Receive in-depth analysis
  • Maintain and develop a branded landing page
  • Enhance brand awareness and increase consumer confidence in your company
  • Select the hashtag for your contest. hashtag

Making the contest hashtag can allow you to monitor every content posted in connection with your contest, and also create excitement about it. By using the help of a contest hashtag you can invite users to post their content and make the content accessible to you. Contest hashtags can allow you to monitor the success of your contest as well as allow you to access an abundance of content.

Advertise your YouTube contest

It is crucial to promote your contest to build excitement around the event. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • Create a general announcement video outlining everything you want to say about the contest and how to enter. Make sure that you include an easy call to take action.
  • Cross-promote your contest on different websites for social networking. This can help you increase the number of followers across all platforms, and bring their focus towards your competition.
  • Make use of cards on old videos that are getting lots of traffic. Also, inform your viewers of the contest that you’re running.
  • Send an email to your list of contacts about the contest.
  • Update your contest with information even after the contest has begun. It is possible to thank contest participants for participating and keep them updated when the contest is progressing so that the fun keeps high.

Select and announce the winners

Select a winner by using an impartial process like the random draw or a random number generator. You may also decide by the amount of votes received or on the most popular video. Whatever method you choose the decision should be made when you were planning your contest. Also, you must make announcements about the prize winners with creativity across all of your social media sites.

Take note of the results of your YouTube contest

It is crucial to examine the outcomes of your competition to determine whether you’ve succeeded in achieving your goals that you set out to. When you monitor the performance indicators that you chose can you determine what was successful and what did not. This will allow you to make your contests more successful for the next time.


YouTube contests are a fantastic opportunity to reach out to more people and help the popularity of your business. The chance to win something thrilling and can lead to participation from a variety of participants. While running a contest that is successful takes some effort but the potential return on investment is well an investment worth it.

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