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About Various Instagram Updates

Instagram constantly accommodates and announces new updates to the application for leveraging a better user experience. Instagram has evolved a lot throughout the year and has also incorporated dozens of new features. These features look onto the ease, diversity and security that a user experiences. The application has gone way beyond being just a photo sharing app. Instagram has incorporated features that allow sharing videos in the form of reels and IGTV Videos and has got loads of appreciation from all over the world. The addition of this video sharing feature has brought Instagram more users. Many of us are now using Instagram just for these reels. It has also improved its messaging tactics.

Just like the past year Instagram is all set to maintain its hold over the social media space in 2022. To cater better to the user needs Instagram head Adam Mosseri has recently announced multiple new updates that might become a part of Instagram in the upcoming New Year.

Highlights on the announced updates:

  1. More focus on videos:

Instagram has witnessed users’ inclination towards reels and videos. This is the reason that it has now made improvisations in video number and quality its key priority in the upcoming year. In 2022, Instagram focuses on doubling the number of video content being posted on Instagram along with improving the effects and adding on more features to interest its users. Instagram is now focused on consolidating all its video formats around the reels as this is the most viewed and used features of Instagram. Although they are focusing more and more on videos. They have no plan to make a feature to download to Instagram videos. So, users can use InstaZoom to download Insta videos.

  1. Security measures:

Security has always been Instagrams top priority. In the past year Instagram had released features like “hide like count”, “share with close friends” features etc. these efforts were directed at providing its user’s more control over the content they are sharing. The limits feature introduced by Instagram would help automatically hide any unknown comment or direct message from any unknown source or user. This was great to filter out the obstructions and maintain privacy. Instagram head in his recent twitter video has promised to maintain these grounds in the upcoming year and provide more control and security of the content and information being shared. 

  1. Improvisation on messaging and transparency:

Instagram has evolved much in the past years. It is constantly working towards providing more connectivity and communication over the platform. Instagram filters out unknown messages automatically. It supports multiple features like use of filter over calls and un-send option in messaging to establish privacy. Instagram in the upcoming year has announced more connectivity and features to ensure smooth communication. It is also likely to add more themes to interest its users. Along with this Instagram is also looking forward to providing its users more transparency and control over their data just like they did by introducing the sensitivity filter to limit the sensitive content being circulated.

  1. More monetization products to help creators:

Creators house over Instagram and have a huge role in the success of reels and content features of Instagram. Hence to support its creators, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced that they would be releasing more monetization products to help creators and empower them to make great living on the platform. He also announced more features to be added to help content get better with more controls

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