Games Like Subnautica

If you love to explore the worlds below the waves, you should look for games like Subnautica. This adventure game is incredibly realistic, but not overly so. In addition to its underwater setting, it also has realistic elements and a realistic backstory. You can play as a shark or an underwater diver, and you’ll have to find food and build weapons for your own survival. There are also two multiplayer modes, one where you can play against other humans, and one where you can play with friends.

Another great underwater adventure game is Abzu, which is less about survival than about crafting and interacting with the world. It also takes just a few hours to complete. Abzu was developed by the same team behind Journey, so it should have a similar vibe. But if you’re looking for a more challenging game, you might want to check out the single-player first-person survival game, The Long Dark. Abzu features stunning underwater environments, an immersive story, and a soundtrack by the same composer as Journey.

Another popular game similar to Subnautica is The Forest. It features an open world survival environment where you must search for resources to build a base, camp, and houses. While you’re searching for your son, you can scavenge for supplies and food as you build up a base. Using this resource to build houses and camps, you can also fight against mutant cannibals. This game is quite addictive, but be careful.

In other games similar to Subnautica, you can choose to play either an online or offline version. For example, you can play one of the best-selling games of all time on Steam. You can even find hundreds of other games similar to Subnautica. You’ll find many great games like this on the Internet that are free to download. When you’re looking for new adventure games, consider these games. They’ll give you a lot to enjoy!

Another game similar to Subnautica is Firewatch. This game has a great atmosphere and immersive world. You never get into any real danger in the game. This game features atmospheric storytelling, a huge world, and the freedom to use anything you find. You’ll feel like you’re exploring the world and solving the mysteries of the game. And even if you don’t have friends who play this game, you can play it alone.

The Forest is another great game similar to Subnautica. It’s a survival game where you’re separated from your son. You’ll have to explore the mystical forest while balancing your survival instinct with your curiosity. It’s available on Steam and Xbox One. There are hundreds of other similar games to Subnautica, so it’s hard to choose just one! But if you’re looking for more adventure games, you might want to try Breathedge. This survival game features five chapters of missions and will definitely keep you hooked.

Another game similar to Subnautica is Solus Project. This lone-player game follows the same basic gameplay loops, but it has a few added elements. Both games combine action and strategy in an exciting way. And they’re very similar in style. The main difference is the setting. While Subnautica is set on an ocean floor, Below Zero is set in the arctic. You’ll have to find food, build tools, and survive the disaster on a research station.

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