Apache Cordova in Action

Apache Cordova is a free, open-source platform that enables developers to build native mobile applications and cross-platform applications with a single codebase. It’s a wrapper application that embeds a web browser so developers can build applications for multiple platforms without re-writing their code. The platform is highly customizable and enables developers to customize the look and feel of their applications for different audiences. To use it, developers must first install an SDK on their target platform.

Once the DOM has loaded, an application can attach an event listener to handle the device ready event. This event signals that the device APIs are ready for use. The deviceready event fires when the web app has fully loaded and can begin displaying the application. Typically, applications attach an event listener to an object that triggers the device ready event. In this way, applications can access and customize the web app’s interface and user experience.

Cordova is also compatible with Adobe PhoneGap, a distribution of the software owned by Adobe. It uses HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript to build apps, and also supports native plugins. NativeScript enables developers to create one code base for Android and iOS and uses the Angular platform for building web applications. Other open source projects include Onsen UI, which is based on HTML5 and offers a comprehensive collection of components.

Cordova is a free, open-source mobile development framework that’s also used to create cross-platform Smart Home mobile terminals. This technology uses Javascript and the Cordova expansion module. The latter has more powerful local function support and can call complex modules. In addition, the local function support module connects the Javascript and Native layers. This helps developers customize callback functions for mobile devices, while the latter uses a JSON format.

That’s why all developer should use this platform for its benefits. It has tons of features so that a developer can easily build a mobile application. At the same time, it won’t let a developer down, and you won’t face any issue while using this platform. So, all developer should try this platform for coding and developing apps.

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