What is the Full Form of Raw in Photography?

The full form of RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing. The agency is responsible for gathering intelligence about foreign enemies. Its head office is located in New Delhi and reports directly to the Indian prime minister. Its chief is Samant Goel, a designated secretary in the cabinet secretariat. This intelligence agency is not accountable to the parliament of India and is not covered by the Right to Information Act. As such, it is free from public scrutiny.

The RAW, or Research and Analysis Wing, is the primary foreign intelligence agency of the Indian government. It was set up following the 1962 Indo-China war and the 1965 Indo-Pak war. It is responsible for gathering and analyzing information pertaining to foreign countries and individuals. Its mission is to protect India and its interests from foreign enemies. This agency is the only intelligence service in the world that collects and analyzes intelligence. This branch was responsible for collecting information on a wide range of global issues and ensuring that India remains free of terrorists.

Recruits for the RAW must pass a tough exam to qualify for the job. They must pass a National Aptitude Test (NAT) and possess a good psychological make-up. They must also be under the age of 56. Aspiring agents must complete a rigorous training course before they are eligible to sit for the RAW test. The full form of RAW test is a very difficult one, but many people want to become a member of the agency.

The full name of RAW is the Research and Analysis Wing of the Indian intelligence agency. This agency was created after the 1962 Indo-China war, which was followed by the Indo-Pak War in 1965. The RAW was set up after the failure of the IB to detect when China was preparing an attack on India. It is not personally accountable to the Indian prime minister, but the president of the Indian government appoints a director for RAW.

The RAW also monitors foreign affairs. It has been instrumental in creating the state of Bangladesh and in keeping west and east Pakistan separated. The RAW was a major player in maintaining secrecy around the first nuclear test India conducted in 1974. The Laughing Buddha operation, named ‘Project X’, was a key accomplishment of the RAW. Apart from monitoring the development of foreign countries, the RAW is responsible for maintaining intelligence on its neighbors.

The RAW recruits candidates from the Indian police and revenue services. Candidates must qualify for the civil service examination and research and analysis service and return to their parent cadre if they fail in the RAW recruitment process. The RAW recruits various types of experts from different fields, from linguistic experts to supercomputer hackers. Recruited officers are given a one-year lien period, which is followed by training on life and work profile of RAW officials.

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