A Programmer without These Software Knowledge is a Warrior without a Sword and Shield.

We are living in the era of data, information, software, and eventually the computer. Whatever we see, wherever our vision goes, everything is under the surveillance of information technology. And, today’s magicians are those who generate ease to add to our lives. Yes, we are talking about the computer geniuses, the programmers defeating the crucial difficulties with their handmade programs.

Here are some of the honorable mentions which a developer or a programmer must acknowledge preparing the sword to cut real-life troubles.


  1. Algorithm and Data Structuring

A person without dress is awkward, and a programmer without the knowledge of algorithms and data structure is more awkward. The prime effort a programmer needs to spend is on these two vital topics. And, it is sure that when you are going for a programming job, you will face at least a couple of questions regarding these. Though in the market, there is now some trickster’s tricky free data structuring software available. Yet, there is no option without learning the data structuring and algorithm lessons.



  1. Source Control

Another vital aspect of the computer programming world is Source Control. It is a fact that it takes significant teamwork to establish a program. And, Git the Source Control assists you to save your codes according to your desire and cooperate with the other team members. Worldwide, above 65% of programming organizations are using Git and accomplishing their tasks.



  1. IDEs

There is plenty of IDEs software that is helping the programmer to achieve their mission. It refers to the integrated development environment as full form and consists of a source code editor, builds automation instruments, and a debugger. If you are a C, C+, C++ programmer, your choice should be the visual studio. Other than that, IntelliJIIDEA is an ideal option.



  1. Programming Language

We could not disclose this sense; it is like the sword of a warrior on the battlefield. However, there are plenty of programming languages available in the market. You can experience one of those and become a program professional. Some of the most popular are Java, C, C+, C++, Python, and many more. But we recommend that no matter which programming language you are about to practice, you should at least know the ABCD of Java Script.



  1. UNIX & Linux

UNIX is a basic operating system, and it started its journey back in 1960. However, the operating system means the complete pack programs that make the computer work, especially when it is a server computer. The ultimate benefits are it is a stable and multitasking operating system software.

Another open-source operating system is Linux, and it is not unlike Windows or macOS. It provides enormous distributions and variations. The pros of this operating system are along with the open-sourcing system, and it maintains a modular design. The program that has little knowledge about Linux knows the kernel. The kernel is the core of this system software.


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