Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines are Always Underestimated Despite having Plenty of Significance

The modern pharmaceutical industry has boomed in the last half a century. Paracetamols, ibuprofens are readily available, while life-saving drugs such as Remdevir are readily accessible inside operating theatres of hospitals.


Obsolescence of Ayurvedic Medicine

The mass manufacturing age of our civilizations has made natural remedies obsolete. The ever-increasing demand for quick treatment empowers this natural obsolescence. Prescriptions are skewed by the desire to eliminate insignificant incidents, such as cold, as soon as possible.


However, Ayurvedic medicine has served the human civilization with great loyalty for the last 2000 years. The different roots that sprouted from the endless flora and fauna inscribed upon the soil of the Earth have been used to extract endless nutrients that we’re able to cure diseases, and allowed the human civilization to thrive and survive, and take us where we are today.


Significance of Ayurveda

In the mechanized, hectic, chaotic world of today, the immune system is taking a toll upon the injustices being done to it. The constant intake of mass-manufactured, bottled pills lowers the edge of our immune system. The body becomes dependant upon the frivolous choice of medicine available, making it weaker and weaker. Humans, upon evolution, were primarily fragile. And, this new trend has made our situation worse. The weak human body is now under the threat of every pathogen there is. There is no cure for the common cold, and thus, paracetamols and ibuprofens are ingested like chocolates and candy. The OTC meds are causing an overspill, and the effective herd immunity achieved by each community is deteriorating.


Then, Ayurvedic medicine comes to help. The significance of this is glorified by the simple analysis of a certain instance. The ingestion more effectively cures common colds of honey and green tea. It takes an average, healthy human body to recover from a common cold, 18 days. The concoction allows this process to be sped up and be completed in 12 days. Antibiotics and other medications can only do that in 14 days, with other side effects such as dysentery.


The jacketed pills also pose some unique complications that can hinder the treatment of many patients. Each pill reacts differently based on genetics, the already housed diseases, and another plethora of factors. The Ayurvedic method of treatment overcomes most of these side effects. Although recovery duration is longer, it is ultimately more effective and constructs the body more resilient. Thereby, this induces a chain effect. The recovery ultimately upgrades the immune system and prevents further damage by the same illness or prevents the body from getting very weak. Ayurvedic improves the quality of life experienced by an individual and reduces trips to hospitals and nursing centers.


The natural essence of living is dying along with the mechanization of home treatment.  Ayurvedic medicine is significant today and in age, although it is not a replacement for modern medicine. Instead, these two can be integrated into treatment to provide a more realistic outlook on life and to improve the quality of life lived. And, this is essential for the betterment of our civilization and carving a future more nourished and replenished by extracts of nature and human ingenuity intertwined in harmony.

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