Before You Decide to Consult a Psychotherapist, Learn What is Depression, Anxiety & Sadness

The psyche and the physio of a human being are intertwined, and thoughts directly affect how our body behaves.

And this has allowed us to identify the aspects of the expression of a human being through articulation.


Medical depression, or more commonly called depression, is a medical, psychological disease. It is observed to affect teenagers and young adults in the most significant percentages.

Symptoms: 1.sadness for two weeks

  1. Desire for extreme solicit
  2. Extreme mood swings
  3. Irregular eating disorder

These four are the most significantly observed among the depressed circle, but there are other symptoms also.

Depression is a result of severe mental trauma that has left its marks on the individual. There are recorded levels of a flop in the amount of dopamine and serotonin in these individuals’ brains. These are the happy chemicals of the brain. Fewer excretions of endorphins are also recorded. And, This signifies that the individual is unable to feel happiness, irrespective of the scenario tunai4d. The sustainable fluctuation of these chemicals allows us to regulate our moods, and failure to do so might result in the engulfing, spiraling void sensation associated with depression to be detected.

The heat map of the brain also portrays lower functioning capability and greater production of grey cells. The dying ability to contemplate also adds to the frustration and entirely suffocates a person, till death wish and associating escape and freedom to death evolves in their thoughts.

Depression, if left untreated, and ignored, promises a lower quality of life and pushes an individual towards suicide and self-harm.

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The medical definition of anxiety refers to the constant fight or flight mode activated due to stressors and tensors flourishing in the individual’s environment. Anxiety evolves when there is no threat observable to the naked eye, yet, the cloud of danger, distraught, and doom feels to loom over. The excited fear of uncertainty leads to anxiety.


  • Hypervigilance
  • Extremely aware, almost on the trigger
  • Compressing chest, hyperventilation
  • Rapid, irregular heartbeats

These four symptoms are the most commonly recorded. Anxiety attacks are prevalent among teenagers, often induced by their anticipation of exam results and concern for their future.

Anxiety, if left untreated, can damage the capability of contemplation, compromising composure and captivating concentration from life, making each day unbearable. Along with that, it clouds judgment, causing poor decisions to be undertaken. It certainly leads to depression in the not-so-long run.


Life has a certain method of propagating, and each human shares one aspect of life in common. The tragedy is bound to happen. Thus, sadness is a string upon which the tunes of every heart ring. The overwhelming emotion of not achieving or grieving the loss of a loved one or heartbreak is generally termed as sadness. Sadness sprouts from the environment one reside in, and thus, it varies from person to person. It is a part of life, and therefore, it is not classified as a disease.

However, if sadness is left unsupervised, it leads to the birth of anxiety and depression. The engulfing feeling of abnormalcy distorts reality and makes it very difficult to process emotions and inputs from the surrounding.

In conclusion, the psyche is as marvelous as mysterious. The people in suffering require support and love, and this shall allow them to thrive as pleasantly as camellias in an orchard.

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