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Top 7 mistakes in digital marketing

What is the main secret of a successful advertising campaign? The question worries many marketers. Today the traffic is increasing, and tomorrow it can decrease dramatically. Rapid development of digital technologies, daily innovations in digital marketing require solutions, sometimes not always correct. We’ll look at the most common mistakes in digital marketing to avoid when developing a strategy. This will help minimize risks and get the desired result.

Basic elements of digital marketing

Unlike classical marketing, its digital counterpart allows you to track the entire user journey: from the first communication with the client to the sale of the product. In addition, digital marketing provides pinpoint targeting of each individual consumer. For example, television advertising reaches a very wide audience, while a YouTube video is more focused on people who are more likely to buy the product or service being promoted.

The main tools of Internet marketing include:

  • Contextual, media and targeted advertising;
  • Social Media Promotion (SMM);
  • Organizational promotion in search engines (SEO);
  • Content marketing;
  • Email marketing;
  • Web analytics

Despite the wide arsenal of tools, sacramento digital marketing can have a big impact on a business if you don’t learn how to use it properly. To avoid the main problems with promoting your product on the Internet, we advise you to avoid the main mistakes.

Lack of strategy

Marketing on one inspiration is a road to nowhere. Therefore, strategy is the first thing to start with when promoting a product or service. Especially when it comes to complex products.

The basic strategy consists of:

  • analysis of the market, competitors and their offers;
  • detailed study of your target audience, its fears and preferences;
  • selection of communication channels with potential clients;
  • preparation of other important elements of the strategy, such as the budget, KPI, competent performers, etc.

A competent strategy, drawn up taking into account the specifics of the business, will help:

  1. Optimize the productivity of digital marketing expenses.
  2. Increase the margin of transactions.
  3. Reduce the churn of loyal customers.
  4. Increase the total check per order, as well as the number of purchases.

A weak strategy or no strategy at all will make sales results unpredictable. And even temporary success will most likely have only a short-term effect.

Incorrect allocation of the budget

Allocation of the budget in digital marketing is no less important than the general scheme of the advertising campaign. Without clear financial planning, you can:

  1. Spend large sums without getting the desired result.
  2. Stuck in constant project terminations due to lack of funds.
  3. Both cases will not only make it difficult to promote the product, but also prevent you from focusing on other tasks.
  4. Ignorance of the target audience

Understanding your customers, studying their interests is one of the main components of successful digital marketing. And it is not only about the fears, desires or pains of consumers, it is important to be able to speak their language. Try to describe the profile of the potential client in as much detail as possible – what he dreams about, what he wants from life, how he solves his problems, etc. So you will get a clearer idea of ​​the target audience and, as a result, how to build relationships with them.

SEO issues

SEO promotion is a big topic and several detailed materials can be written about its application errors. The list of main errors includes:

  • ill-formed page title tags;
  • no division of headings into h1, h2, h3, etc.;
  • low quality content;
  • too identical filling;
  • raw site structure;
  • no increase in the mass of links;
  • overcrowding with advertising;
  • contempt for social networks, etc.

The site is unlikely to get into the top 10 of the issue, which means it will bring less benefit.

Emphasis on banner advertising

Advertising on banners works well, but there are several points that can worsen its effect:

Too many ads. It doesn’t matter if there are a lot of banners on your resource or you are promoting on a site full of ads – the user will be annoyed one way or another.

Banner blindness. Advertising banners have existed on the Internet for a very long time, and the modern user has managed to develop a kind of “immunity” to them. The fact is that such ads more often advertised “yellow” resources with news or unnecessary goods. People began to ignore them.

Passive position

The reputation of any brand consists of two aspects:

  1. Communication with the audience through advertising, corporate design, sponsorship, PR, etc.
  2. Direct interaction with consumers through the purchase of goods, use of services, etc.

It is important that both components harmonize with each other. You should always keep the user in mind. You should not wait for active actions from the client after the first purchase. Reputation for a brand plays an important role, which is based on the trust of users.

Lack of ice generation

Lead generation is a set of activities aimed at finding potential buyers. Personal data about the target audience can be obtained from questionnaires, callback requests, contest applications and other sources. We recommend interacting with customers to offer a personalized product.

By collecting such a base, you can strengthen your marketing campaign through personal mailings, special offers, and a more elaborate sales pitch. Collecting contacts of potential customers opens additional channels of competent communication with them. At the same time, we advise you to focus on quality, not quantity.

Ignorance of trends

In the era of rapid development of digital technologies, it is necessary to monitor the trends for the next season. To stay in the leading positions, you need to prepare for changes in advance and implement tools in the promotion strategy in a timely manner. Based on future trends, you can correctly allocate financial resources and invest the budget in future tools that will give results. Today, it is important to collect and analyze information, to monitor current trends.

There is no perfect plan, situational errors and problems may arise in the process. However, if you correctly plan an advertising campaign with a view to the future, you can avoid global mistakes in digital marketing.

It is important to analyze the main indicators, to take into account key errors. Armed with the above tips, you will already understand the general picture of successful sales on the Internet and will be able to avoid elementary, but no less catastrophic mistakes.

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