Which Electrolytic Capacitors Perform the Best and How?

Along with the quick advancement of electronic information technology, the production and sales of consumer electronics products, such as flat-panel TVs (LCD and PDP), notebook computers, digital cameras, and other products, have continued to rise. This is what is driving the growth of the best electric capacitors industry.

What are the best electrolytic capacitors?

Two conductors arranged closely together with an insulating layer that is not conductible make form a capacitor. When a voltage is applied between a capacitor’s two plates, the charge is stored there. In terms of numbers, the capacitance of a capacitor is represented by the ratio of the charge on one conducting plate to the voltage between the two plates.

The function of electrolytic capacitors:

  1. Coupling: The capacitor used in the coupling circuit serves as a DC and AC blocker and is widely used in the resistance-capacitance coupling amplifier and other capacitive coupling circuits.
  2. Filtering: The filter circuit makes use of a filter capacitor. This capacitor circuit is used in power supply filtering and other filter circuits. The filter capacitor reduces the total signal by the amount of signal that belongs to a certain frequency band.
  3. Decoupling: A capacitor known as a decoupling capacitor is utilized in the decoupling circuit and is employed in the DC voltage supply circuit of the multi-stage amplifier. The negative low-frequency cross-connection between each stage amplifier is eliminated by the decoupling capacitor.
  4. Elimination of high-frequency vibration: The capacitor used in the circuit to eliminate high-frequency vibration is the high-frequency vibration elimination component.


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