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7 best social media tools to use for marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Most people find success when they share their content through social media. With the advent of new social media platforms, it’s crucial you’re using all these platforms and making the most out of them!

Here are the 7 best social media tools to use for marketing

  1. Facebook: This is an essential platform that provides a great opportunity for advertising and giving your content publicity. There’s a lot to learn about using Facebook for business marketing, and the good news is that Facebook offers various helpful resources. The great thing is that there are many new features on Facebook which you can use to create an attractive Facebook profile and enhance your business marketing.

There are many ways to promote your business on Facebook, like a page, adverts, and sponsored posts, which cost you very less and are extremely effective.

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Social Media Examiner has a good guide on how to use Facebook for Business Marketing.

  1. Twitter: This network is ideal for promoting quick and short messages. You can send Tweets related to your business or the kind of content you want to share with the Twitter community.

You can tweet regularly and share your business updates and updates on specific subjects without creating a page. You can use the Twitter app to tweet tweets on the go, but you can also type out your tweets from the Twitter Web page if you want.

Along with these marketing efforts, Twitter is also an effective way for promoting your content. Your Tweets will be bookmarked by the people who are interested in that particular subject. And it’s not just you; others will share them too!

  1. Pinterest: This is a platform that allows you to share images and links to encourage people to comment and like your content. Pinterest has a vast user base that can be of great use to you, if you’re looking to draw attention towards your content.

Pinterest is primarily used by women, but that doesn’t mean men can’t take advantage of it. The Pinterest community is full of people of all age groups and professions, who are always eager to know more about products and services.

  1. Google+: This is yet another social network that is rapidly growing in popularity and one of the effective social media tools. Google+ offers a great platform to promote your business and make your content more discoverable. The new Google+ button on blogs, websites, and other pages, allows visitors to follow you on Google+.

This is an extremely effective social media tool for promoting your brand, especially because it’s one of the best platforms in which users are very engaged. It’s ideal for both professionals as well as newbie bloggers.

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  1. Vine: This is another mini-social network that enables you to create short looping videos that others can share. When you look at these videos, it seems almost like watching a video, but it’s not. It’s a video in which there are still pictures, and the video runs in a loop. The best thing about this app is that it’s completely free to use! The way Vine works is that there are ‘Vines’ on different subjects, such as technology, music, travel, and sports. You can also search for specific subjects related to your niche and make your Vines on that subject.
  2. Instagram: This is a relatively new social network but has gained a lot of popularity because it’s fun to use. Instagram is a great platform for personal advertising, where you can highlight your achievements and share photos of your life.

The key feature about Instagram is that it caters to both professional and newbie users, since it’s very user-friendly. It’s also a great place for discovering new brands, as many users post their products on the hashtag #instagram.

There are many social media tools that you can use for marketing, and it’s vital you’re exploiting the full potential of these tools. Netbasequid believes that one of the most powerful social media tools for marketing depends on the type of business and anticipated returns. It is a great platform for sharing content, getting feedback, and building relationships. And it’s free!

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