Newly Legal Drug Marijuana Consists of Both Good Sides Along with the Bad Sides

Cannabis, or more popularly known as marijuana, has been well known as a psychedelic drug and remains one of the most controversial medical topics of the modern era. Cannabis has been linked to certain ailments for various diseases, both psychological & physiological.


Proven Advantages

Marijuana has been researched to be linked with various uplifting causes for diseases. In the case of bone pain and muscle pain, cannabis has been observed to lessen the pain felt by the individual.

According to a study conducted by the journal Addiction, cannabis has been reported to lower back pain and muscle pain in adults. It can relieve other forms of pain as well, postulated by the researchers. The ideology and mechanism are still under investigation and require a greater pool of evidence for verification.


In the most mainstream usage of Mary Jane, it is implemented as a treatment for psychological disorders. Anxiety, PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), & depression have been observed to be ailed by the ingestion of marijuana. This psychedelic reportedly releases endorphins, which act as a calming agent, lowers chaotic brain function, and produces a sense of serenity. It is effective for treating such psychological disorders since marijuana, in its chemical composition, does not inherently have any addictive substance.


Marijuana is also inherently used for the ailment of glaucoma and cancer treatment. Mary Jane has unknown properties which have been observed to uplift the symptoms of cancer. The cancer cell growth slows down, and in many cases, stops. In rare instances, the cancer cells are also observed to be destroyed, providing sustainable recovery in the observed period.


Known Disadvantages

However, Mary Jane is not as magical and miraculous as the points mentioned above might suggest. They are still classified as a drug and are known for getting people “high.” Under the influence of Mary Jane, driving is illegal since it lowers cognitive responses. The drug numbs the logical and processing parts of the psyche, making it very difficult to control & coordinate actions, leading to mental health problems in the long run.


Mental health problems are associated with the numbing of the logical parts and the bursts of dopamine and endorphins secreted upon consumption. Marijuana makes a consumer inherently dependent upon the consumption of cannabis in various forms, producing artificial addiction. Eventually, it leads to the development of depression, anxiety, and medication addiction.


The compounds in marijuana also lead to the formation of respiratory diseases since the smoke inhaled produces a layer, a veil upon each bronchiole, making it more difficult for air to circulate in the lungs. The development may worsen certain conditions such as asthma or even introduce a new one.


In unison with breathing difficulties, marijuana has been linked to the development of testicular cancer. Although there is not much concrete evidence to support the claim, American research institutes have linked some cases towards the abuse of marijuana.



In hindsight, cannabis has existed and been used for a great number of years by human civilization. The crackdown on this herb was due to its addictive properties, making it classified as a drug during the Nixon period in America and worldwide. The benefits are still under research and investigation, while the counter facts are concrete, making Mary Jane a not so viable form of treatment to be considered.

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