Do Comedians Make For Good Emcees?

Hiring an emcee for your event can be crucial, particularly if it’s an engagement that has a lot of moving parts.

Emcees are the linchpin that keeps the crowd engaged and the festivities going.

There are many emcee types to choose from, but if you’re looking to impart a bit of humor and big personality – like that of comedian Punkie Johnson, who is quick and sharp with her words – you’ll want to consider hiring a comedian.

Here is why comedians often fit the bill of emcee perfectly.

They bring up the crowd.

A good event is one in which your attendees are enjoying themselves and reaping the benefits of all the event has to offer. A good way to do this is to get them to lighten up.

A comedian can set the tone for an entire event. Their humor can lighten things up and make attendees feel more comfortable. This may push them to be more talkative and open, and they have a higher chance of participating in activities throughout the event.

They keep things on track.

It can be tough to wrangle a crowd, particularly if the event is a larger one. An emcee keeps the itinerary on track, which is most often easier said than done.

A comedian emcee can do this in a way that doesn’t feel like guests are being yelled at to move to a certain spot or pay attention to a certain speaker.

The transition from one activity to the next will be easier, making for a pleasant experience overall.

They lighten up messaging.

For some events, like corporate ones, the aim may be to educate the crowd or pass along certain messaging. A skilled comedian can do so effectively without making it feel boring.

If you are running a corporate or fundraising event, you may want to convey to your audience things like company values or ways in which to support the organization. A comedian can do that with finesse, making it feel like less of a hard sell and be of more interest.

They make the event unforgettable.

A good event will leave guests talking long after they’ve left, and an emcee can play a huge part in that.

Someone who knows how to make the day personal and fun will leave a far better impression than someone who drones on into a microphone with no flair.

They bring perspective.

Emcees almost always have extensive meetings with the event organizers. This is to go over the timeline for the event to identify key things.

A comedian emcee is typically a person who is a third party to your purpose or organization. Having that fresh set of eyes on your event brings in a viewpoint you may not have seen things from before.

A collaborative emcee may have suggestions on how to do things more effectively and efficiently during the event. They can help you keep an audience engaged while reaching your goal

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