Top 6 Must-Have Tools for Serious Cinematographers

Cinematography is an exciting profession envied by many. It involves capturing shots on cameras and giving life to otherwise dull storylines. Just like with other professionals, you need the right equipment to outshine the competition. You also work with others like the director of photography, lighting, and many other teams to generate the best shots. However, mastering the skills takes time, and you need the right tools to enhance efficiency.

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Check out examples of the essential equipment for cinematographers:

1. Video cameras

A video camera is one of the prominent pieces of equipment that you need in your day-to-day tasks. Your choice will depend on the type of projects that you plan to shoot. These can be, for example, action, documentary, and places where you plan to display your work. What you need done for TV news is different from what you require for online-only jobs. Nevertheless, leading film directors like Mark Murphy Director recommend that you for quality cameras to capture the best shots.

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2. Sound equipment

Sound is as important as the images. A high-quality film set features a separate audio department along with a microphone operator. If you’re starting out your career, you’ll need to capture the sound by yourself, and having poor equipment goes a long way. The good thing about this is that you’ll get way a variety of cost-effective microphones to math your kind of films. You can also go for portable recorders that you can place directly on the sets.

3. Lenses

You don’t need lots of lenses if you are starting out your cinematographic career. Buy, you still need enough since this will help you capture the desired shots depending on what you’re filming. If you’re a beginner, use wide-angle and zoom lenses.

4. Tripod stand

A tripod is a three-legged stand that supports and stabilizes your camera. You may need this often, but this depends on what you’re filming. You have different options, though! You can go for a static tripod or choose one that allows you to rotate the camera.

5. Gimbal

Do you plan to move around as you capture the shots? A Gimbal is all you need. It resembles the tripod stand, but the difference is that you can fasten it to your waist. This allows you to move around with the camera while shooting. It’s mostly used when shooting action. Can I tell you more? The device will create smooth shots since it counters to your movements while in motion.

6. Lighting

If you plan to do everything by yourself, you need lighting equipment to ease the tasks. Most cinematographers use LED lighting; they are cooler and more trendy than conventional lights. Also, they are environmentally friendly and don’t need to plug into a power source.

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A quick wrap up

Your success in the filming industry depends on your skills and the type of equipment used. Acquire high-quality tools, and learn how to use them to capture the best shots. Also, keep practicing and keep learning from professional filmmakers and cinematographers. This way, you’ll soar to great heights in your career.

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