Some Good-Looking Morning Habits are Worst that We must Stay Away from Doing Those

It is important to have healthy morning habits. Following certain morning habits would make your day productive, pumped and would also set the tone of the rest of your day. If your morning starts smoothly, then the rest of the day would also be going well.


  1. Reliance on the snooze button

Most people’s habit is hitting the snooze button and sneaking in an extra few minutes to sleep. Humans normally sleep in 90 minutes cycle, so if you hit the snooze button, your brain would get the signal to sleep another cycle. When you wake up, you initially face “sleep inertia,” which is the grogginess and dizziness you feel after waking up for 15-30 minutes. But if you wake up after sleeping the alarm, you will face this for up to 4 hours, making you feel tired all day long. That is why if you have a busy day ahead, sleep early to reduce sleep inertia and remain energized throughout the day.


  1. Going through social media 

After turning off the alarm on their phone, most people start going through social media and emails. It is bad for the body since you are not giving the brain time to wake up and adjust to the surroundings. Instead, you are just bombarding it with news and information that makes you stress before even getting up from bed. Instead, create a morning routine that will cleanse your mind and motivate you to face the day, like exercise and meditation.


  1. Not having a plan on how to spend the day 

It is important to have a plan for the day ahead to ensure that you cover all the important things you need to do throughout the day and not feel overwhelmed. Otherwise, you would be indecisive and procrastinate on work. You will have the nagging feeling that you are just wasting time and not doing enough work without knowing where to start. If you want to maximize your productivity, plan all the things you need to do before sleeping, not waste half the morning deciding what to do.


  1. Not having healthy foods

Having a nutritious breakfast is essential, including fresh fruit smoothies and taking supplements since it would provide you with the energy you need for the rest of your day. Avoid packaged food items because they contain a lot of sugar that would make you jittery and hyperactive for an hour or two. Then the sugar level would crash and make you feel exhausted and drained of energy. Sugar also leads to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Hence try to add more vegetables and fruits to your breakfast.


  1. Drinking coffee

Do not have coffee just after waking up. First, have a glass of plain or lime water. Our body is already dehydrated after waking up, and having coffee makes it more dehydrated. Though having a moderate amount of caffeine is good for health, make sure your body is fully hydrated. Coffee is also acidic, so people with stomach issues like IBS should refrain from it because it makes your stomach release hydrochloric acid.


If you follow these steps for a month, you will see great changes in your lifestyle and be happier.










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