Puzzling Question, which one is Better between Body Wash or Soap Bar? Find Yourself the Better One

Everyone wants to find the right cleanser which would suit their body texture. Our skin is very sensitive, so it is important to know about the soap we used to lather our skin. Soap is an important facet of our life, especially if you are concerned about cleanliness.


Bar soap 



Bar soaps are much cheaper than liquid soaps, and within a dollar, you can buy bar soap. They also last for several weeks, unlike liquid soap, where the product is used more and runs out quickly.



The packaging of bar soap only contains cardboard, whereas, for liquid soap, a thick plastic bottle is used. This plastic takes millions of years to disintegrate and pollute the earth. Also, liquid soap contains water which will only increase the scarcity of water in the future. On the other hand, bar soap doesn’t have any water in its formula. As a result, using bar soap will save the earth and preserve water.


Purer ingredients

Soap bar is formulated using pure and natural substances. Since it doesn’t contain water, manufacturers do not need to use extra artificial substances to stop bacteria from breeding in them. So, it only contains the active ingredients needed to make soap.



Breed bacteria

Bar soap can easily breed bacteria if not stored right. If you keep the soap in a puddled soap dish, the bacteria will breed exponentially compared to keeping it in a dry area. You need to make sure that you wash the soap before every use to reduce the transfer of germs.



Dehydrates skin

Bar soap contains a harsh surfactant- sodium lauryl sulfate– which can strip your skin’s natural oils and make it dehydrated. That’s why your body feels squeaky clean after the shower. Our skin has a pH around 4-5, and bar soaps have a pH around 8-9, so it’s a given that using bar soap would change our skin texture. So, if you already have dry or sensitive skin, bar soaps are not really for you. However, many natural bar soaps do not use harsh surfactant and dehydrate the skin.



Body wash


Moisturizes skin

Body washes use a chemical called emollient which fills our skin’s cracks and makes it smoother. That’s why body washes are gentler and hydrating. It also locks the natural oils and moisture of our skin and prevents our skin from damage. It replenishes our skin’s protective barrier making it soft. If you have any skin condition, you must use a sulfate-free body wash.



Since the body wash remains in a bottle and you need to squeeze it out, there’s less chance of bacterial growth. However, it would be best to leave loofah in a moist place or unclean since it would be easy for bacteria to breed there.



Harsh chemicals

Body washes can contain some strong preservatives to stop bacteria growth, which is harmful to the skin, so you should check whether it contains harsh chemicals like paraben or not before buying it.


Now, deciding upon the factors, it’s up to you which one to choose. In the case of removing dirt and germs from the skin, both soaps have negligible differences. But if you are concerned about the environment and polluting the earth, you should go for bar soaps.







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