PMP Certification Cost: A Deyailed Guide For Beginners

If you’re an IT professional at one time you may have thought regarding PMP certification. You may have wondered about the PMP certification, what does it cost, what does the PMP examination cost as well as where you can get the go-ahead. It’s clear that If you’ve decided in obtaining the PMP certification you’ve taken the right decision and have an excellent future in store! However, getting certified as PMP isn’t as straightforward as the three-letter word implies. The certification requires real-world training and experience in project management.

Is PMP a thing?

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is an incredibly respected professional title for project managers around the world. It is the Project Management Institute (PMI) offers PMP certification for candidates.

PMP is a reference to the skills, experience, education, and competence necessary to oversee and manage projects. It is among the most sought-after of the Gold Standard certifications offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

As CPA certifies your skills in the field of accounting, PMP certifies you of the capability to manage projects and acknowledges your hard work up to this point. The PMP certification acquired through PMP Training lasts for 3 years. As per the PMI in the month of August 2019, there were about 932,720 currently active PMP certified individuals as well as 300 chartered chapters spread across 218 countries.

The PMI is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1969. The PMI’s members are assisted by training, networking, and the most thorough guidelines for managing projects, as well as offering a platform for members to exchange and communicate their opinions. The initial edition of the PMI’s standard of project management known as the PMBOK was released in the year 1996 and has since been updated to the sixth edition.

It is important to note that the updating on the PMBOK guide occurs every 4-5 years. This process is conducted by experts and practitioners, in conjunction with participants of ANSI. The PMI granted its first member certificate in 1984, in Philadelphia, USA. In the years since the number of PMPs who have been certified has grown at a steady rate.

PMP is certainly the most sought-after project management certification globally. PMI institute has provided worth to more than 3 million professionals across the globe with its qualifications, standards, and guidance. In addition, PMP certification has become an obligatory prerequisite for many jobs around the world.

When you’ve earned a PMP certified professionals are able to maintain their certification through a process called the Continuous Certification Requirements (CCR) program.

What is the cost of Project Management Certification Cost?

Are you wondering what the price of PMP that is of high quality? The cost of PMP for earning 35 PDUs varies from country to nation ranging from $300-$5000.

Costs for Computer-Based Testing (CBT) PMP exam cost is:

  • For PMI members: $405
  • Non-PMI members pay $555.

Fee Structure for Re-examinations:

  • For PMI members: $275
  • For non-PMI members: $375.

If a person decides to be a PMI member when completing the application must pay a PMP fee of $555 which covers both the examination as well as a fee for membership.

In addition, even if an individual does not want to be a PMI-members, they is required to pay the PMP exam cost.

We recommend that you apply for PMI membership to ensure that you can pay your PMP course cost is easier.

After we have gone through the PMP certification cost Let us now find out the details of its renewal cost.

What is the PMP Renewal Costs?

Are you confused about the structure of the PMP renewal cost? Once PMI confirms that an individual has fulfilled the PDU specifications and has passed the PDU requirements, the person will receive an email notification that allows them to apply to renew the PMP charges renewal.

When the person concerned receives the notice, PMI asks them to send their PMP certification renewal fees via PMI’s web-based certification system.

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PMI Membership CCR Renewal Fee Status:

#PMI member $ 60

Non-PMI members – $150

Notice: PMI’s membership renewal fee is distinct and distinct from that of the certification renewal fees. The candidate is able to complete the renewal process at any time within the course of their cycle, following a meeting of the PDU conditions by making the payment no later than 90 days following the date of the end of the cycle.

PMI will mail the applicant an updated certification with the current CCR/certificate cycle dates in effect after processing the completed application as well as renewing the payment. It typically takes between six and eight weeks to receive the postal delivery of the certificate.

PMI certification holders must to accept the conditions of use, and also adhere to the audit standards. If an audit is conducted the applicant can renew his or her certification only after having successfully completed an audit, and has complied with the entire conditions and terms.


The PMI will select randomly the group consisting of PMI certification holders to audit the process. At this point, candidates must submit additional documents to verify any PDUs.

So, a candidate has to maintain the documentation for all PDU claims, for a minimum 18 months following the expiration period of the CCR cycle.

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