How to Pass the Civil Services Exams Like a Pro

Passing the Civil Services Exam is by no means a small feat. With the intense competition and vast syllabus, it is an almost herculean task to clear the exams.

However, it need not be an overly difficult task; a combination of smart planning and proper strategy will play a crucial role in passing this exam.

This article will give tips on how to pass the Civil Services Exam easily.

Pro-tips on Passing the Civil Services Exam

The following tips will help you in passing the civil service exam with relative ease:

Step 1: Familiarise yourself with the exam

  • Before the crucial preparation, it is vital to know the ins and outs of the exam.
  • Going through the exam notifications, patterns, syllabus, timetable, eligibility criteria with a fine tooth comb is highly recommended.
  • Going through the above steps will help in saving a considerable amount of time with regards to the preparation time.For more information visit this site: superratmachine

Step 2: Build a strong foundation

A good civil services preparation is only as good as your foundation. It is of little relevance what your background is, but a basic understanding of the core subject of the Civil services syllabus is a must.

  • Thus, referring to NCERT books can be helpful. This will help in making notes as well.
  • Preparing notes will have a dual purpose: It will help you in saving valuable time and it will make your foundations for the UPSC strong.

Step 3: Make answer writing and revision a part of your routine

Answer-writing practice and revision play an important role in the entire scheme of UPSC preparation, especially for the UPSC Mains Exam.

  • How fast and how well you can write answers for the UPSC mains can be determined by how often you can practise.
  • Along with answer writing, constant revision must also be incorporated in your schedule. A dedicated weekend being set aside for revision of what has been learnt during the week is highly recommended.

Step 4: Learning approach based on mock tests

Just two months before the prelims is about to begin, one should incorporate a learning approach with the mock tests at its core. Mock tests are helpful in getting a candidate used to the exam, reducing exam-time stress in the process.

  • A mock test in addition will help in analysing performance and check for weak areas.
  • It will also help in identifying any concepts you might have missed during your preparation.
  • It will not only help you in anxiety management during the actual exam but will also prepare you extremely well for the exam.

Step 5: Enhance your knowledge with good books

There are a plethora of good books through which you can enhance your knowledge. These books can be found either online or in bookstores. Going through them will help you in enhancing your subject knowledge immensely

Bearing in mind the tips above, one should note that there is no substitute for hardwork and determination. Regardless of how you will follow the above tips, it is necessary to keep a cool and level head during the exam. This trait will help you in improving your chances of getting through the UPSC Exam.

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