Markets to visit in Dubai

Are you a shopper? Do you love shopping? Is shopping everything for you? Does shopping feel like exploring for you? If YES, you are at the right place to get the information.

Dubai is one of the famous emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It is a place of rich history. Having lots of museums to visit. It is also a city full of modern infrastructure, high-rise buildings, and must-visit beautiful places. It is a venue for high-end shopping. For shoppers, Dubai city is a must place to visit on their bucket list. Products from all around the world are sold in different markets in Dubai.

Markets and malls to visit

For shoppers, whenever they visit a place, exploration of malls and markets is their priority. In Dubai, the following malls and markets are the must-visit i-e Dubai Mall, Dubai Gold Souk, Naif Souq, Waterfront Market place, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Bur Dubai Souk Market, Mall of the Emirates, Covent Garden Market Place, Deira Gold Souk, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Friday Market. Enjoying these market-places needs only one more thing i-e to rent a car in Dudai. Some points about these places would be discussed below:

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Dubai Mall

It is one of the world-biggest Malls of all time. An all-rounder mall where you can anything i-e from something to eat- to something to wear. You can go with your family and have fun enjoying indoor activities along with shopping. It includes an ice-skiing area, underwater zoo, and aquarium. Even one wouldn’t be enough for the fun.

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Dubai Gold Souk

It is one of the old marketplace known for its traditional value. Gold of different unique designs is dealt with here. Usually, gold but Silver and diamonds are also bought and sold here. Dubai is known for its beautiful and unique gold jewelry designs. It makes it one of the must places to visit in Dubai.

Naif Souq

It is a popular, indoor shopping center where you can buy cheap but good quality stuff. It is the best place for bargaining.

Waterfront Market place

For buying fresh and dried fish at a reasonable price, Waterfront Market place [a well-cleaned place] is the best place for that.

Mall of the Emirates

It is one of the top five shopping malls in the world. It is a must-visit place where not only cafés, restaurants, and stores but also indoor leisure activities like ski Dubai, the center of art, theatre, and entertainment are present.

There are other places full of fun, leisure, and entertainment in Dubai. That is the reason Dubai is one of the must-visit places for tourists. Rent a car Dubai is the best service that you can get in Dubai. Thus, have a trip full of leisure.

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