If Earth has Given Place to Live, We Have to Take Care of the Earth Live by Taking Care of Environment

The humble abode, Mother Earth, is facing one of the largest crises ever inducted by its inhabitants. For the last half a century, the rising carbon dioxide levels have been causing the temperatures to rise. Polar ice caps are melting, increasing the water level, posing a serious threat to many landmasses, which risk being submerged under the water.


Therefore, steps are required to reduce our carbon footprint to survive this apocalyptic, mass extinction event that looms over us all.

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Renewable energy source:

Our collective species have built civilization by harnessing electricity from energy sources such as fossil fuel, found embedded deep into the Earth’s surface. The infrastructural framework dictates that energy is a vital necessity, without which we would take massive leaps backward into the Stone Ages. The use of non-renewable fuel has dictated that we are to be depleted of this natural resource in the long run.


Burning fuel is the main method of extracting energy known to humankind. These produce carbon dioxide, which forms a dome layer, like a veil on the stratosphere, trapping heat, causing global warming.


We can use alternative solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power generation To solve this issue. These systems are still under development, and thus, are less efficient than burning fuel. They do not consist of massive payload energy. However, with increasing financial resource allocation and better research, these renewable sources of energy, which produce no carbon footprint, can be the leading source of energy in the long run.


Planting Algae and trees:

It is quite a less well-known fact that algae, found in the coral reefs and ocean surfaces, are the greatest oxygen producers in our atmosphere. They are also the greatest cleanser of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, making them the ideal choice for clearing the atmosphere. Algae are easy to grow and are not required for extensive management. They float around, and nature takes care of them through microorganisms such as planktons, worms, and many other creepy crawlies. The massive amount of oxygen secretion will lead to the ozone layer healing, providing greater protection from the cosmic death rays that strike Earth at every moment in time.


Trees are considered to be the vanguard in this war against climate change and global warming. With their massive amounts of leaves, trees provide a great chance at extinguishing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The deforestation of the Amazon, Sundarbans has led to a collapse of the balance of an entire ecosystem. Birds are homeless, and forest-dwelling animals are interacting with humans daily. Planting trees is a great effort to restore the balance of the ecosystem and make this world greener.

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The digression from fossil fuel and adjusting the damage done to the atmosphere and the ecosystem will allow our civilization to thrive in the long run. We must correct the mistakes made in history for the future generation to see the light of day.



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