Withdrawal 789BET – How To Guide

Withdrawing 789BET is not difficult, but there are still brothers who make mistakes and cannot withdraw money to their account. To ensure a successful withdrawal in just one note, please follow and follow our instructions below.

1. Simple and easy to understand 789BET withdrawal instructions

The method of withdrawing money to a bank account at the 789BET house is not difficult. Just follow the steps below to ensure success.

Instructions on how to withdraw money 789BET simple and easy to understand

Step 1: Access the 789BET bookie betting account

First to make a 789BET withdrawal, you need to visit the official link of the house and then log in to your member account.

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Step 2: Transfer betting money to the main wallet

Before proceeding to transfer money from 789BET betting account to your bank account, you need to perform a money transfer from the secondary wallet to the main wallet. This is the fund transfer operation. Fund transfer is done as follows:

Click on the fund transfer icon right at the main interface of the screen.

You make a fund transfer so that the money in the betting halls is collected into the main wallet.

Finally, you just need to click “Agree” and the money will return to the main wallet immediately.

Step 3: Proceed to withdraw 789BET to your bank account

When the money has been transferred to the main wallet, you proceed to select “Withdraw”, fill in all the information required by the 789BET house system including: Bank name, account number, account holder name, number money you want to withdraw. Note, the information must be correct, especially the full name must match the original registration to avoid the risk of not being able to withdraw money.

Once you have filled in the 789BET withdrawal information according to the above items, you click “Confirm” to complete. Wait for 1-5 minutes for the system to approve your withdrawal request.

2.Things to note when withdrawing 789BET

To ensure that your withdrawal is not cancelled, there are no risks, here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Things to note when withdrawing 789BET

Initial registration name information and bank account beneficiary information must match. Otherwise, the system will consider it as an anomaly and will not approve the withdrawal order. In this case, you will have to provide a photo of your ID card or citizen identification to the house to conduct account verification.

According to the 789BET withdrawal rules, the minimum withdrawal amount is 100,000 VND/time. Normal level players will be able to withdraw up to 5 times / day, while VIP level will withdraw up to 10 times / day and the total withdrawal will not exceed 1.8 billion VND.

Players participating in promotions that 789BET deploys need to complete the full amount of bets, the number of betting rounds according to the regulations to be able to successfully withdraw money.

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Priority is to withdraw money at the time of office hours so that the transaction is done quickly, smoothly and without errors.

In addition, it is recommended to withdraw money to the accounts that 789BET supports to link to make transactions faster.

3.Frequently asked questions about 789BET withdrawals

For new players withdrawing money at 789BET for the first time, there are quite a few related questions that need to be answered. And below is a summary of some frequently asked questions and answers, for your reference, maybe that’s what you’re wondering.

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Some frequently asked questions about withdrawals 789BET

3.1Why is 789BET withdrawal canceled?

The cases where the player’s withdrawal order is canceled and not executed may be due to one of the following reasons:

Beneficiary account information and initial registration information do not match as we mentioned above.

Players have not met the requirements for the number of rounds, the amount of bets when participating in receiving promotions according to regulations.

Players who cheat, create multiple accounts to take advantage of incentives or use game hacking tools detected by the system.

The beneficiary bank is in the maintenance phase, or the bookie system is maintained or upgraded.

3.2 789BET still supports withdrawal by any other method?

Withdrawing money to a bank account is the most popular and least risky method being supported by the bookie. As long as you have a bank account, you can withdraw 789BET whenever you want.

3.3 Is it possible to change beneficiary bank information?

According to the house rules, the player is not allowed to change the beneficiary bank before making the first withdrawal from the 789BETS account. If you want to change the beneficiary account number, you should contact the bookie’s customer service for support.

Above are the specific instructions on how to withdraw 789BET that you need to know. Note, fill in completely and accurately the information required by the house. If there are any problems during the withdrawal process, it is necessary to contact the customer service department of the bookie directly to find out the cause and offer the optimal solution. Wish you have the best experience at 789BET playground.

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