What is Score Box Handicap and how to play to win?

What is the Score Box handicap has long been a question for new players in all regions. One of the forms of entertainment in the sports segment, not only reduces stress but also has the opportunity to receive valuable bonuses. Drunk here,nha cai 789bet will help you discover interesting things about how to play Score Box handicapping.

An overview of Score Box handicaps at bookmakers

Score Box handicapping, often called “score box” by Vietnamese people, is also a very popular form of soccer betting. Although it is not played as much as Handicap bets or 1×2 bets, it still has a certain position. Bringing new changes to bettors, helping you choose from a variety of playing styles.

When it comes to handicaps, many of you already understand that it is based on the difference in scores between the two teams to calculate wins and losses. In addition, the house also uses that to calculate interest for players. You should check the odds to know which team is upper and lower to bet on. Believe that this will be an unforgettable experience in your sports betting gaming journey.

Similar to the regular handicap genre, but Score Box is more dramatic and surprising. In addition, one of its strong advantages is that the profit is super high. With only a small amount of capital, you can make great achievements. Finally, there is the advantage of simple gameplay, without needing to calculate many details like traditional handicaps.

What are the detailed ways to play handicap betting? Score Box?

Although Score Box handicap has been on the market for a long time, the number of customers is still increasing and is a new entertainment trend for you. Besides, the reason why it becomes so hot is because the bookmakers always offer itpromotion, attractive recharge incentives. Therefore, you should learn how to play right away so you don’t miss out on good things.

What are the betting options of Score Box handicap?

Similar to the Asian handicap, the Score Box handicap also has two betting options for you to freely choose from. First you need to understand that in a match there will be an away team (Away) and a home team (Home). The positive (-) line represents the handicap bet and vice versa, the negative sign (+) is the handicap bet.

If the team you bet on wins with more points than the opponent or more than the given number, you will win. On the contrary, if you lose from 1 ball, 2 balls, 3 balls, your bet will be deducted according to the odds given by the house. Therefore, the Score Box handicap is also understood with the “all-or-nothing” playing rule.

Example of Score Box handicap for players to easily understand

To make it clear for players to understand, 789BET will give a specific example on how to bet and calculate money when winning a Score Box handicap. In the match between Burnley and Southampton, when you bet $100 on Burnley to win with a score difference of 2 goals or more:
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  • If Burnley really wins against Southampton by more than 2 goals as expected (4-1, 6-2, 3-0, 5-1,…), then you will calculate the profit as follows: 7.0 x 100$ = 700$ (not including capital).
  • If Burnley still wins but only by 1-2 goals, the player will receive a refund.
  • If on the contrary, Southampton wins or both sides draw, it is considered that you have lost all your bets.

Handicap truly brings you many emotions when participating, anyone who has played it once will be interested. This promises to be one of the house’s most popular entertainment genres, bringing sky-high revenue. Whether you choose top or bottom, if you are lucky you will receive a big reward.

Extremely good guide to scoring handicaps from Score Box

Whether it is a Score Box bet or other types of handicaps or European bets, if players want to ensure victory, they need to take the betting steps. The first thing is to pay attention to the bookmaker’s betting information updates to see if there are many changes, because a standard odds will very rarely change. Coming to a highly reliable playground will be a solid stepping stone for you to break through.

In addition, players should also monitor the situation of the players, participating teams, their training and physical condition which is extremely important. Because these are the people who directly compete on the field, people with good skills and tactics will get good results. Choosing a strong team will give you more confidence, as well as a higher chance of rewards.


To understand thoroughly what the Score Box handicap is, you need to experience it as soon as possible. But 789BET believes that through the above article, you will also have a new perspective on this unique betting genre. As a modern new player, boldly try all football bets, gain experience and open up opportunities for success.

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