Team building activities in virtual reality

Team building in a remote working environment is now getting more challenging than ever as organizations want their employees to have in-person experience of team-building activities. For instance, they cannot do a trust fall over zoom. Therefore, the importance of team building activities is now more critical than ever.

During this crucial time, team-building activities in virtual reality are thriving. It is the only solution that a company needs to encourage communication and collaboration.  Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created using computer technology. This environment features sound, sight, and a touch of an actual environment. The use of virtual reality in team-building activities has been immensely regarded as it provides employees with a fun and exciting way to team up and interact.

Why use Virtual Reality in Team Building?

Virtual reality was not used as an effective team-building solution in past years, but with the advancement in software and application, it is becoming more accessible than ever. It provides unique experiences through which employees can improve crucial skills and strengthen their bonds. These activities may come in many forms. The focus of VR is on problem-solving collaboration and communication but now it offers a wide range of activities. The following statistics prove to us the use of virtual reality in team building.

  • According to a Stanford study, team building in virtual reality has increased empathy and lessened internal conflicts among the teams.
  • The research at MIT Management School tells us that VR-based job stimulation helps reduce staff turnover by 31%
  • Studies show us that 25% of the global workforce teams have switched to virtual team-building solutions.
  • A survey report by Boston Consulting Group tells us that 75% of employees feel that virtual team building played a vital role in increasing their productivity in a remote setting.

Some popular activities of team building in virtual reality setup

Fantastic contraption

It is one of the creative ways to engage the team in doing something interesting which ultimately results in better innovative thinking and communication. In this game, players in virtual reality use creativity to build anything from the given tools. Normally companies provide the basic diagram and give tasks to build a machine by using multiple parts and their imaginations.

Escape Rooms

One of the popular Virtual reality team-building activities is the escape room where the team works together to defeat the villain using their teamwork and communication. Virtual reality will make it feel have you are in an actual in-person escape challenge. The team works together to solve puzzles, discover hints, and unlock doors. They can only reach safety if they have put their minds together.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This game helps organizations that are looking forward to nailing the art of working together through communication and reaching a common goal. In the virtual reality experience, one player wears a headset while other team members provide instructions that will help him diffuse the bomb. This activity also provides the opportunity to work with the team in an exciting new way.

Rec Room VR

It is multi-purpose with many team-based games such as paintball, dodgeball, laser tag, and charades available in the virtual reality experience. Organizations can customize the games and create their own Rec Room. The team in Rec Room will not only achieve the spirit of team development but will also enjoy a peaceful stroll and have a nice chat with colleagues.

Pictionary VR

Pictionary VR is quite like the regular version where one person draws, and another person must guess. The VR version has VR equipment which allows them to draw in three dimensions and adds much more detail. Pictionary helps the team in developing imagination, and communication, and engages them in creative thinking through visual communication.

Key takeaways

In conclusion, virtual reality is a relatively new technology that is growing immensely. It makes the players experience team building like they never have before.

Making the team have exposure to above mentioned or any other virtual reality activities and games will not only build their teamwork stronger but also make their organizations stronger as well. It helps in making the environment more unique, exciting, and challenging than ever. This results in achieving communication, collaboration, and creative thinking which any organization needs to become successful in this highly competitive era.

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