Share standard ways to catch special prizes from experts

The special prize brings huge rewards. That’s why many people tried to bring in as much money as possible from the special prize. However, if you don’t know How to win special prizes then it will be difficult for you to bring home victory. Follow up on how to win special prizes New88 in the article below
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Why should you win special prizes?

Currently, many people have relied on a few methods of predicting numbers to know how to catch special prize numbers and find numbers with high winning rates in the lottery results table. But you know the reason why and How to win special prizes How is it?

The special prize lottery method gives players standard white lottery numbers with a very high probability of winning. That is why special prizes are always the focus of professional lottery players.

Top standard ways to catch special prizes updated August 2023

In lottery, winning is not just a matter of luck. Winning is also about sticking with the numbers and making money in the long run through special prize lottery methods. We share the experience of catching special prizes through the super standard and super good lottery methods below. Please refer to and understand more about the experiences of catching lottery players with special prizes from experts everywhere.

How to win special prizes according to prize 7

Prize 7 is also one of the prizes that everyone is interested in. When you want to win the special prize, you should rely on the result of prize 7. If the result has repetition according to the rules of parity, double numbers or multipliers of 2,3,4… then you should use it to bet. topic.

How to win special prizesThis has been used by many people, but in reality, not everyone gets such results. The other reason is because you’re not really paying attention. As long as you are distracted by the surrounding issues, you will judge and bet on the wrong strategies. This is unfortunate if you bet wrongly. The risk of big loss is very close. So, you should remember to play focused and not be distracted by surrounding problems.

Follow the mute head and mute tail

Mute head and mute tail is also one of the numbers that often appears in the lottery. Therefore, you should use it to play in special prizes. For example, the silent 1 result you predict will include 11, 21, 31, 41, … 91. If you guess it is the silent 9 at the beginning, you should enter 90, 92, 93, . .. 99. Or you can follow the 7 mute tail set with numbers 17, 27, 37, 37, . ..

In some cases, you should put the ends together to find a very beautiful set of numbers. However, How to win special prizes This requires players to be very patient and know how to combine numbers to win less. At the same time, while playing, you must be persistent with your choices. Don’t rush to follow the crowd. Because they are wrong but you are right. Try to calculate carefully and then find a solid basis before deciding.
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Experience in betting on special prizes in the North with flat bets

This is How to win special prizes Extremely effective and has been used by experienced players ever since. You will need to take the first number in the special prize that falls on day 2, take that total and combine it with the first number in the special prize on day 3.

Next, take the number you found to feed continuously for the remaining 5 days of the week. Normally, raising this way only takes 3 days for the batch to arrive for you.

How to catch special lots when accumulating totals

What is the point of receiving a special prize when accumulating a total? Tips for winning prizes through special prizes when accumulating total points will be revealed by the admin below!

This method of playing with special prizes by accumulating money is often used by the most experienced and skilled players. WithHow to win special prizes hey, you have to take the totals that did not appear in the special puzzles of the previous lottery week, collect them and play according to plan.

How to win special prizes according to the five elements

The way to get the special price duo according to the five elements will not disappoint you. This is a popular research method on online forums in recent years. The way to win special prizes according to the five elements often uses the numbers in the special prize as the basis

The way to shine the five elements to catch the special prize is as follows:

  •  Numbers 1 and 6 belong to the Metal system.
  •  Numbers 2 and 7 belong to the Wood system.
  •  Numbers 3 and 8 belong to the Water system.
  •  Numbers 4 and 9 are of the Fire element.
  •  Numbers 5 and 0 belong to the Earth system.


Hope this article will be shared How to win special prizesHere, you will understand the best way to hit the jackpot and win more. Try your best to achieve the best results possible!

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