What is Over/Under Betting? Detailed Instructions on How to Play Over/Under Handicap

What is an over/under bet? This is the most popular bet at bookmakers today. Usually, bookmakers will offer many odds with different odds for each match. The article below at Link 789BET will specifically guide players on the secrets to betting on Over/Under betting at reputable bookmakers.

What is an over/under bet?

Football over/under is one of the main types of bets in online football betting games. Over/under bets are also known by other names as Over or Under bets. On the bookmaker’s Over/Under odds table, Over/Under odds receive the symbol O/U – Over/Under (depending on the bookmaker). Similar to many other forms of betting. Over/under bets are also offered by the bookmaker throughout the first half and the entire match.

Most soccer Over/Under games will be based on the total number of goals in soccer matches. The odds are also very popular and can be applied in many different ways, such as: Over/Under 0.25 goals or 0.5 goals. or 0.75 fruit, 1 fruit or 1.5 fruit or 1.75 or 1.5/2 fruit or 2 fruit, 2/2.5 or 2.25 fruit or 2.5 fruit, 2.5/3 or 2.75 fruit and 3 fruit. Besides, it is also based on the total number of penalty cards or total number of throw-ins and number of corner kicks..

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When betting Over/Under soccer, players do not have to care about whether the team is strong or weak or whether they win or lose, but will bet that the total number of goals scored by both teams will be lower or higher than the odds that the house holds. the given. If there are fewer goals, bet on Under and if there are more goals, choose Over.

Note: Compared to the above gameplay, the number of goals will be calculated during the first match (90 minutes) and extra time including extra time and penalty kicks. To increase the attractiveness, many bookmakers have now added Over/Under bets in the 1st and 2nd Half or anywhere in the match.

The most common soccer over/under bets

Nowadays, almost every soccer match can be played over/under soccer with flexible placement of two over and under bets. Some of the most popular ways to play over/under soccer betting today include:

Over/under corner kick

Especially in football, corner kick bets also happen frequently. Corner kick over/under bets can be understood as a popular type of bet for football and are not too strange to many members. Normally with corner kick bets, the house will give the number of corners in a soccer match. The player’s task will be to bet more or less than the number of corners given by the house.

Over/Under penalty card

The penalty card bet is a handicap in soccer betting. The over/under penalty card bet will not be based on the match score but will be based on the total number of penalty cards in the whole match. That is, members can predict the number of red or yellow cards in matches.

The main form of predicting over or under in football and penalty cards is that the player will choose over or under based on the scores given by the house and the house will give certain scores. The player will choose over or under on that score.

The way to calculate the reward in the penalty card bet is quite simple for the players. The player calculates the reward based on the amount of bet and the odds of winning and will calculate the reward for themselves based on the following calculation:

Over/under total goals

The over/under total goals bet can be understood as a bet when the player predicts that the total number of goals in the entire match will be over or under compared to the odds given by the bookmaker.

Football over/under total goals, over/under betting form is present in most big and small matches. The over/under bet on a team’s total goals is always attractive to most bettors, including newcomers to the most experienced players. The odds of winning the bet if you understand the rules are relatively high because it is replaced by betting on over/under for each match. Bettors can predict the over/under total goals of a team throughout the entire match.

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What are the rules of playing over/under?

Usually when playing, the house will give a single prediction number for a match and the gamer’s responsibility will be to give a different number that is higher or lower than the bookmaker’s prediction, maybe You can bet Over or Under for the whole match.

The rules of football over/under betting are also very simple. Accordingly, with this bet model, players will not have to care about the score of the match. Because a lot of things that players are interested in is whether the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match will be above or below the bookmaker’s bet. The above two betting options correspond to Over or Under.


Through the article shared above, members must have clearly understood what the over/under bet is? Detailed Instructions on How to Play Over/Under Betting with useful information about Over/Under betting when participating in matches. Wishing members to have fun playing and win big at the reputable soccer betting sites 789Bet. Hope the above post will help players.

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