Kitchen tiles: how to choose the best one

Ceramic and stone tiles are often used in modern kitchen design. It is difficult to imagine a more practical and aesthetic covering for the kitchen apron, walls and floor. You need to choose ceramic or stone tiles correctly and carefully, because in the kitchen you need to protect the work surfaces from moisture and temperature changes, and not turn the room into a bathroom. It is important to maintain the style and color in the room, so that all the details of the interior are harmoniously combined.

Advantages of ceramic tiles:

  • Resistant to moisture
  • It has high heat resistance ance and stability
  • Ease of care
  • Resistant to direct sunlight
  • Long-lasting with proper application
  • It has a rich color palette, ornaments and drawings
  • Can imitate stone, wood and glass
  • It has a glossy and matte finish.

Disadvantages of tiles in the kitchen:

  • High cost compared to wallpaper, painting or wall panels
  • The facing process is quite a dirty job
  • If you suddenly get tired of the color of the tile, it will be difficult to change the facing.

7 useful tips for choosing ceramic tiles

Tip #1

To successfully buy finishing material, first decide on the design and color of the room, and then go shopping. If the style and color of the interior, the texture of the facades of the kitchen set, and the finishing of other surfaces that will be tiled are determined, then you can proceed to the next stage. Do not forget that the color and material of the tabletop should look harmonious with the apron, which will be made of tiles. The apron can support the overall color scheme in the kitchen, or be a bright accent between the countertop and cabinets.

Tip #2

When choosing a design for the future kitchen, be sure to make a plan on paper or in a tablet. It only is reasonable and convenient if you go to the store for tiles, you will know exactly the dimensions of the kitchen, the color and the number of tiles you need. You can draw your furniture or choose similar ones on the Internet, lockers, countertops, sinks, etc. There are many smart programs where you can choose patterns, colors and even the texture of any material, and tiles are no exception! See how the colors of the furniture and the floor, the decoration of the walls and specifically the apron will be combined, maybe in the process you will decide to change the interior of the kitchen or rearrange the refrigerator or sink. It is better to know this in advance, before calculating the required amount of material.

Tip #3

Correctly calculate how many tiles you will need, you can do it yourself or invite friends who understand similar issues. And you should not completely trust the sacramento kitchen remodelers. An experienced seller can also make a mistake and sell you more tiles than you need! It will not be easy to prove later, and the store will not accept extra tiles back.

Tip #4

Carefully inspect all tiles when buying, so that there are no chips and cracks.

Tip #5

When measuring walls, apply the tape measure in a straight line. Check the correctness of the shape and dimensions of the sides of the kitchen.

Tip #6

When choosing tiles for the floor covering, pay attention to the properties of wear resistance. It is also important to take into account the possibility of the surface of the floor tiles sliding – the coefficient of friction should be more than 0.75, you will not regret such a purchase for many years.

Tip #7

Make sure that the surface of the tile floor is not porous – dirt will be very difficult to clean from the surface.

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