Interesting projects of two-story houses – how to decide on a choice?

The lion’s share of orders in private country construction is occupied by houses with an insulated attic or full-fledged two-story buildings with cold attics. This is an ideal option for owners of land plots with an area of ​​up to 8 hectares. In this publication, we will consider why the projects of two-story houses do not lose their popularity, and how to make an unerring choice from dozens of options.

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Advantages of 2-story cottages

  • Architectural expressiveness. Such a structure looks many times more impressive and solid than one-story buildings. In addition, the project of a 2-story cottage allows you to implement more architectural ideas and design techniques (arrangement of balconies, bay windows, terraces).
  • Space zoning. The division of the living space into a day zone on the first floor (with a kitchen and living room) and a night zone (with a children’s room and bedrooms), intended for rest and sleep, will ensure complete comfort for all residents and guests of the house.
  • Economy. The costs for the construction of the foundation, floor coverings and roof will be lower than when implementing a 1-story project with an identical area, which will positively affect the total cost in the estimate. Also, the advantages of two-story cottages include high energy efficiency, which will reduce heat loss and save on heating.
  • Compactness. Simple calculations show that with a similar living area, a 2-story house takes up much less space on the site than a one-story house. This frees up space for the construction of a garage, a gazebo and arranging a garden.
  • Functionality. The development of a modern 2-story house project implies the creation of personal space for each family member, which is often problematic to implement in single-story buildings.

What should be considered when choosing a project for a 2-story house?

Regardless of what the sacramento custom home builder chooses – the project of a two-story country house or a large country cottage, it is necessary to pay attention to several important nuances.

  • Features of the soil. It directly affects the choice of the type of foundation base for the future structure.
  • Norms. Observance of fire, sanitary and security standards when choosing a place for a future house is mandatory, otherwise the building will have to be demolished by court order.
  • Number of residents. This number directly affects the competent planning of the premises, taking into account the needs of one or another family with a perspective for the future.
  • Finances. If the budget is limited, you can choose a typical project from the proposed options, which will cost less than an individual one, with small adjustments.

Importantly! You should not download a free architectural project of dubious authenticity from the Internet and put it in the hands of a construction crew. Such savings will slip aside shortly in the form of gross errors and deficiencies in the construction and operation process. A low-quality project without reference to the specifics of the area is a waste of money, time and nerves.

When you want creativity

For creative individuals, we offer original solutions in various styles – from classic, European or minimalist, to rococo and manor. If you want to add “highlights” to the appearance of the building, we advise you to pay attention to such techniques as:

  • Asymmetry. Landowners who are tired of everyday life and do not suffer from perfectionism should try a project with characteristic asymmetrical shapes, clear lines and maximum use of each element. Asymmetry can be expressed not only in the lines of the house, but also in the decoration.
  • Combination of materials. To create a bright and unusual exterior design, we recommend using a combination of several building materials to choose from facing brick, decorative plaster, false timber, stone, or glass.

About 2,000 projects of two-story private houses with photos and technical characteristics presented in our catalog will allow every family to find their option and build this family estate.

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