Do you really need a truck accident lawyer?

Most of us have seen the heavy trucks and overloaded 18-wheelings plying the roads of Vegas. While essential to the economy and for the transportation sector, trucks are often seen as major hazards. Following a truck wreck, you may have many questions to answer, and one of the simplest ones is whether it is necessary to hire a truck accident lawyer. We have seven essential pointers listed below for your guidance.  

  1. Truck accidents can cause massive damage. Because trucks are enormous when compared to passenger vehicles, people often suffer the most severe injuries in such accidents, even when the impact is not huge. You need an attorney because the claim could be worth a lot more.
  2. You could be up against a trucking company. Big companies that operate trucks and 18-wheelers are corporate giants with adequate resources at their disposal. If you are fighting the battle against a trucking company, it makes no sense to deal with everything alone.
  3. There could be other parties at fault. In a crash concerning passenger vehicles, the outcome or cause is usually easy to understand. However, that’s not the case with truck accidents, especially because the vehicle manufacturer, trucking companies, the loading service, or even the driver could be responsible for your losses.
  4. Gathering evidence can be tricky. That’s often one of the biggest challenges that victims face after such a mishap. The trucking company and other parties will do their best to hide evidence and get rid of the details at the scene, and if you don’t have an attorney, finding information on your own can be an uphill task.
  5. You have limited time. As per the statute of limitations in California, you have two years to file a truck accident lawsuit, but that’s not enough time. You have to deal with the insurance claims process, which can take a chunk of that window. Get an attorney so that you are in a better place to make decisions.

If your truck accident case goes to court, litigation without an attorney can be a bummer. Lawyers are capable of evaluating claims and can negotiate better to avoid a trial, but they also know when it is necessary to be aggressive. Contact an attorney soon after your accident so that they have the time and scope to investigate further. Check online for top firms in Vegas specializing in truck accident lawsuits and ask for a free review of your case. 

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