Bathroom Remodeling. Features and Chips

The bathroom may not be the main room, but a lot depends on its comfort. In a relatively small room, it is necessary to place household appliances and a sink, bathtub or shower, and sometimes a toilet (in the case of a combined bathroom). At the same time, it is desirable to create a comfortable atmosphere for people and equipment. This is a rather difficult, but completely solvable problem. The main thing is to carry out all work in stages and thoughtfully.

Bathroom Renovation

When dividing the process into stages, it is important to take into account the initial condition of the room, as well as its purpose. The location of the bathroom is also very important. In houses of old construction, more effort and ingenuity will have to be put into creating a modern, comfortable environment.

According to the type of premises, it can be divided into 2 types: Combined bathroom – toilet and bath or shower are installed in one room. Separate – toilet and bath are installed in different rooms with different entrances. In this article, we want to focus on bathroom remodeling sacramento in more detail. There was a separate article about repairs to the toilet.

We would like to note that the repair can be:

  • Cosmetic – partial replacement of sanitary ware and installation of new fauces , repainting of surfaces, change of decor and decoration.
  • Capital with re-planning, complete renewal of surfaces and communications. Replacement of sanitary ware. By increasing or decreasing the area.

Renovate the bathroom or combine the premises?

Probably every owner of an apartment has at least once thought about the possibility of combining a bath and a toilet. Everyone has their own reasons for such a decision. Before starting the re-planning, it is important to weigh everything. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. Anticipate difficulties that will arise during the execution of works. Let’s start with a discussion of the reasons pushing for the unification of premises.

The most common reasons for replanning are:

  1. The desire to increase the useful area. After dismantling the wall, the room looks more spacious and the illusion of a larger area is created.
  2. The need to install a washing machine, dryer, furniture for linen and household chemicals, etc.
  3. Wider opportunities to implement design ideas.

Before following fashion trends and demolishing a wall, carefully consider the pros and cons of your decision. We will list some of them below.

Advantages of reconstruction:

  1. Relative economic benefit. In some cases, the repair of one room will be cheaper, even taking into account the need to destroy the wall and obtain permits.
  2. Ability to implement stylish design ideas.
  3. When communications are moved, space is freed up, where you can install modern household appliances or furniture.

Disadvantages of reconstruction:

  1. The need to issue documents and permission for redevelopment.
  2. If the family is more than two people, there may be a queue and inconvenient situations related to the use of the room.
  3. Engineering difficulties related to the design and organization of waterproofing, ventilation and other systems.

Next, we will dwell in detail on the stages of repair

  • Carrying out repair work is impossible without the availability of quality tools. You will need: a tape measure and construction level, spatulas and trowels, brushes and rollers, keys and screwdrivers, etc. Don’t forget to buy a power tool. It will help to perform work quickly and efficiently.
  • To carry out repairs, it is necessary to clean the space: remove everything from the walls, floor and ceiling. If you plan to replace plumbing fixtures, you must dismantle the old ones. You may need to disassemble the base or decor that blocks access to the lower part of the bathroom. Also, remove the stand from under the sink, which closes the drain.

To avoid leakage, shut off the water supply. Make sure there is no liquid left in the taps. Place a basin under the siphon and connect flexible hoses to drain the liquid. Then you can start removing the bathtub and sink.

Renovation in the bathroom – ergonomics

Unfortunately, most apartments have a small area of ​​bathrooms. And even if you remove the wall that separates the toilet and the bath, you will gain a small space. Therefore, it is important to draw up the project correctly. You want to place a lot of things, but without knowledge of the basics of ergonomics, you will not be able to avoid mistakes. You can order a turnkey bathroom repair or at least consider the possibility of ordering the project to professionals. If you want to do everything yourself, carefully measure and measure everything several times.

One of the most important elements is ventilation. Excess warm moisture from the shower cabin or bath will be combined with various smells. This volatile composition will be absorbed into the walls and textiles, spread to neighboring rooms. To eliminate an unpleasant combination, it is important to choose and install ventilation systems correctly . This will avoid trouble.

You will also have to choose materials more carefully. It is desirable to treat the walls and floor with antifungal impregnation. We recommend reducing the thickness of the floor filling and equipping a drain that will protect against flooding.

We do not recommend using silicate-based tiles, it is better to use kaolin or ceramic granite. This will avoid saturation of the walls and floor with moisture and odors.

When choosing a wash basin, bathtub and shower cabin, carefully check how they are installed, which sewage systems are required. Imported equipment is not always easy to install in old houses and apartments. Sometimes it may be necessary to lay additional communications.

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