Are You Desiring A Girl Sniffing You Madly? Use 3 Sprays from One of Them

It is reasonable for you to find the panty-dropping perfume since it would make you attractive and interesting in a blink. Also, a strong fragrance can arouse women. And, this is all because of pheromone. Pheromones are a chemical which human body releases to attract each other. Using cologne enhances it. So it helps you to gain women’s hearts or at least one of their senses. Below I would suggest some fragrances for seduction and their aromatic ingredients, which captivates female attention.


  1. Creed, Aventus

It is the perfect blend of masculine, royal and sophisticated. This luscious concoction is the real seducer with unique and sensual characteristics. Moreover, it adds an aura of confidence and mesmerizing effortlessly. It’s the most popular fragrance of Creed, which is adored by many women when men spritz it on them. This perfume represents strength, power, and success and is inspired by the life of an emperor who pursued peace, romance, and the war on his terms. This unrivaled perfume is composed of a worldly blend of great ingredients, including blackcurrant berries, jasmine, musk, vanilla, and ambergris.


  1. Tom Ford, Costa Azzurra

This perfume differentiates boys from men and is specially designed for gentlemen. A man can only carry out its complexity and elegance. So if you want to smell like a man, you should start with this one. This smell reminds people of a well-read man who has an explicit taste in wine and knows how to treat a woman like a queen. It has a Mediterranean feel with an aroma of dry herbs, forest, and salty beaches.


  1. Parfums De Marly Pegasus

It is a mixture of rich and rare botanicals giving it an intensity that makes a woman’s heart beat faster. It’s a heady and intoxicating fragrance made of lavender, bitter almond, and cumin. Its foundation on vanilla and sandalwood gives a magical feel like its name suggests, an immortal flying horse. This perfume will always make a strong impression on your girlfriend or dates. And it would also make sure that you get the second date.


  1. Versace Eros

This perfume is named after the Greek god of love and lust and is rightly so because it is known for its seductive powers. After its release, it immediately became a staple cologne for lovers. Its alluring charm helps you to seduce anyone you want. It has a spicy, sweet, and musky aroma. The fragrance is a mixture of classic and current scents, making it sensual. This intense and long-lasting perfume is not for the light-hearted person and is best to wear in the bedroom or if you want to draw attention to yourself.


  1. Comme des Garcons – Black

If you want to give out a mysterious and dark aura, this perfume is the right choice for you. It’s a blend of smoky, appealing, and dominating. It has a completely captivating and very distinct fragrance. If you are a man of your own rules and do not follow a trend, Black is for you. This spiced-up cologne is timeless and ageless and would suit anyone.


I would suggest before buying any of this perfume, and you should try spritzing the perfume on you and keep it for a whole day to see how it reacts with your skin’s chemicals. Other than that, I hope my suggestion can help you seduce the woman you want.



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